Board and Management

The YYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport is owned by the City of North Bay and operated by the Airport's Board and Management.

YYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport Board of Directors

Mr. Wade Wasylciw Chairman - Voyageur Aviation Corp.
Mr. Chris Mayne Vice Chairman - Director - City of North Bay Council
Mr. Thomas Krajci Treasurer - Voyageur Aviation Corp.
Mrs. Nicole Parker Secretary - Community
Mr. Peter Argue Director Community
Mr. Ron Miller Director - Community
Mr. Grant Bailey Director - Community
Mr. Joseph Hansford Director - Canadore Aviation College
Mrs. Tracey MacPhee Director - Community
Mr. Thomas Waque Director - Community
Mrs. Candice Henderson Director - Community

Management Team

Airport Manager/Accountable Executive – Jack Santerre, C.M.
Manager, Operations/SMS – Dan Booth
Manager, Regulatory Compliance – Bryan Avery, C.M.