Commercial Office Lease

Interested in starting or relocating a business using office space at the North Bay Jack Garland Airport?

We have worked with many companies from various sectors of aviation in order to meet their unique needs for office space, secure area leases, etc. to provide them a complete solution. 

Don't hesitate to contact us today to both learn more about existing opportunities and to see how we can meet your needs.

Mr. Jack Santerre, C.M.
Airport Manager, North Bay Jack Garland Airport Corporation
1-705-474-3026 x 5304

Current Available Office Space

There is currently one vacant office located in the Administration Building of the North Bay Jack Garland Airport. This office has a large sliding panel door in addition to a standard door, both of which open into a large office space. Included is a semi-separate janitorial closet and small kitchenette (cabinets and sink) which would make an excellent location for a break area. In the back of the office three is a large storage room.