Important Information for Travelers

Pay-on-Return (POR) parking is no longer available to any travelers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding. All parking must be paid in advance or by using the ParkedIn application.


You can now purchase parking from anywhere, anytime. Using ParkedIn on your computer or mobile phone you can conveniently purchase hours, days, weeks, and months worth of parking. Download information about the application here.

You do not need to download an application on you phone. Simply visit ParkedIn using any mobile browser.

Short Term – Lot A

Short term parking is available in the short term lot located in front of the Terminal, and is ideal for traveling for a few days.

Loading Zone: Free 15 min max.
Per 30 min: $1
Per Day: $8
Per Week: $48
Per Month: $145

Accessible Parking Stalls Available in Lot A.
Passenger Loading Zone Available in Lot A.


Long Term – Lot B

Long term parking is available in the long term lot located in front of the Administration Building, and is ideal for traveling greater than a week.

Per 30 mins: $1
Per Day: $6
Per Week: $36
Per Month: $110

Passes for Frequent Users Available in Lot B.
Pay Upon Return Pass No Longer Available in Lot B.

New Parking By-Laws

Important Parking Enforcement Information


The City of North Bay by-law enforcement tickets for parking without a valid stub/receipt or valid mobile payment have increased. Parking in any lot at the North Bay Jack Garland Airport without a valid visible parking stub/receipt or or valid mobile payment with the ParkedIn app will result in a $20 minimum parking ticket per day.

Please ensure that if you've paid at the machine and have a stub that you place it in an area that is clearly visible, such as face up on the dash of your vehicle.


Pay and Display Parking

At the North Bay Jack Garland Airport parking is convenient and simple with our Parking Pay machines located at each lot and inside the terminal. Select your amount of time, and place the ticket face up on the dash of your vehicle. Visa, MasterCard, and Cash is accepted.

Annual Parking Pass

To make parking and travelling even more convenient and affordable, annual parking passes are available for Lot B at a discounted rate for frequent users. Please contact the North Bay Jack Garland Airport Administration Office at (705)-474-3026 ext. 5303 for further details.
A Hang Tag Administration Fee of $75 applies to all Annual Parking Passes.

Passenger Loading Zone

Free parking for 15 minutes is available in the Short Term Parking Lot (Lot A), to make picking up and dropping off easier and less stressful. In addition, a regulated pick up and drop off area is located outside of the terminal. Use of this area is strictly for pick up/drop off only. No waiting or parking is permitted and passengers must be waiting at the curb for immediate pick up (penalties apply).

No Parking Areas

For safety reasons, the roadways to and from the terminal are designated “No Parking” areas. We kindly ask that you not park or leave your vehicle unattended on these road, or on the shoulders of these roads. Vehicles parking in these areas will receive enforcement parking tickets.

Vehicle Height Restrictions

Height Restrictions



Terminal (Jack Garland Drive) - 2.9m
Administration Building (Terminal Street) - No Restrictions

Parking Map

Airport Parking Map

Directions using What3Words

Lot A Short Term Parking Payment Machine: ///meditative.speechless.upended

Terminal Short Term Parking Payment Machine: ///ambulance.nerves.motorbike

Lot B Long Term Parking Payment Machine: ///fevers.wallpaper.mottos

Stairs to and from Lot B - Long Term Parking: ///vacant.groundwork.clef

For questions and special arrangements for parking while you travel please contact Airport Security at 1-705-474-2241 or 1-705-474-3026 ext 5301.