Aerospace Industry

Ontario is a key player in the aerospace industry and North Bay holds a prominent position as a home to Voyageur Aviation Corp group of companies, and Canadore College's School of Trades and Technology campus.

There are over 31 individual businesses based at the airport, providing a variety of aviation and non-aviation services. A significant cluster of aerospace firms involved in a wide range of activities established at the airport, including aircraft manufacturing/assembly, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) (Voyageur Aerotech), and flight training and post secondary aviation training activities (Canadore College). These companies employ in excess of 500 employees.

North Bay offers a competitive alternative for operations seeking a location other than the congested flight centers and flight paths of Southern Ontario. The 10,000 ft runway ensures virtually any aircraft and any aerospace undertaking can be accommodated in North Bay.

The City's central location is ideal for a cargo hub for air freighters. Customs, warehouse and distribution centres can access over 100 million people and six border crossings within a day's drive.

Aerospace training continues to be a critical component of the Aerospace Industrial Park development plan. The Canadore College airside training facility has graduated thousands of qualified aerospace employees since its inception. Housed in a state-of-the-art facility, providing training on modern aviation equipment with instruction from qualified and licensed instructors, Canadore alumni are employed globally.

The partnership between Jack Garland and Canadore College means a highly skilled work force is available, literally on site. Programs include aviation and avionics maintenance, structural repair technology, and rotary wing pilot training.

Flight Test Corridor

North Bay is home to many aerospace testing programs. Since 1996, we have been participating in the International Runway Friction Index Testing Program with Transport Canada, NASA, FAA, NRC and several European countries.

YYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport offers:

  • runways that can accommodate all aircraft types; a 10,000 ft main runway, followed by a second at 4,500 ft
  • dedicated ground-test areas
  • operational schedules that can accommodate intensive periods of runway use
  • ample ground facilities
  • weather conditions that (seasonally) can be representative of almost any airport in the world
  • reserved flight-test airspace

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Aerospace Industry Job Opportunities

Interested in becoming a part of the aerospace community in North Bay? Visit these companies for more information about possible carreer opportunities.

Voyageur Aviation Corp Group of Companies Job Opportunities