Airport Industrial Business Park

Since the 1930's North Bay's strategic location has served as an aviation centre of excellence for National Defence and commercial aviation. What began as a training facility with a gravel runway has grown to become YYB North Bay Jack Garland Airport, with a 10,000 foot runway, modern passenger services, state-of-the-art terminal building, and a thriving aerospace hub providing competitive development opportunities.

Owned by The Corporation of the City of North Bay, the airport is managed and operated by the North Bay Jack Garland Airport Corporation. The Airport Corporation operates two terminal buildings and works cooperatively with the City of North Bay to promote development opportunities.

Sign for Airport Industrial Business Park

North Bay is positioned to take advantage of a number of aerospace opportunities including:

• Aircraft manufacturing and assemblage
• Aerospace and aeronautical research and development
• Maintenance, repair and overhaul
• Cargo base and logistics centre
• Tourism gateway to northern destinations
• Expanded private and public sector aviation training
• Flight testing/flight training/cold weather testing
• Private and corporate hangarage

YYB from above, North Bay Jack Garland Airport latest aerial video, highlighting all it has to offer.