At AMCO we love coming to work at the airport because our offices have great views of the planes coming and going.  Our offices and the building are kept clean and YYB is prompt to address all of our needs.

Airport Management Council of Ontario

After decades of jetting around the world, the word "airport" has become a four-letter word in my vocabulary. But I describe Jack Garland Airport with a different four-letter word: Nice!

Cheerful, helpful staff welcome you to a well-designed modern terminal.  In fact, the tarmac of Jack Garland Airport is like a welcome mat - a great introduction to North Bay. I'm looking forward to returning to North Bay, and I may even budget extra time to spend at YYB and with its staff.

If I choose to spend MORE time at an airport than absolutely necessary, that really says something about that airport.

Jaymie Matthews, Frequent Flyer



As a pilot, I can say with certainty this is one of the best places to deal with.




Being able to travel from my home city is such a pleasure.  The newly expanded terminal has really enhanced the airport experience, particularly the new passenger screening area.  With the addition of a new airline travel is now easy and affordable- why fly from anywhere else

Laura McNeice, Traveller