COVID-19 Update

You Can Travel Today

Air Canada provides daily flights from North Bay to Toronto and beyond, whether attending to business in Toronto or connecting to destinations word wide. To learn more about their flight schedule and destinations visit Air Canada.

Bearskin Airlines continues to provide daily flights from North Bay throughout Northern Ontario to either get you where you need to be or connect you to destinations beyond. Whether you are looking to book a single seat or a whole aircraft Bearskin Airlines can help you fly to and from North Bay today. To learn more about their flight schedule you can visit Bearskin Airlines.



Operational Update

Throughout the challenging times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the initial widespread concerns and now with the return to traveling, the North Bay Jack Garland Airport remained open in order to ensure that essential services continued to be available to the public, business, and emergency services throughout the City of North Bay and surrounding communities. 

Our Commitment

Our combined commitment continues to be providing a safe, secure, and efficient travel experience for the public, as well as for employees of business partners. In order to achieve this we have worked collectively to introduce new safety measures, communicate updated protocols, and strive to collectively work together through this challenging period.

Health Measures

Collectively the North Bay Jack Garland Airport Corporation, Bearskin Airlines, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), and a number of other business partners have implemented numerous safety measures to meet or exceed the guidelines of the North Bay and Parry Sound District Health Unit, Transport Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

Airport Measures

  • Require all visitors and employees wear a mask or face covering while indoors;
  • Ask that only passengers enter the terminal - Please say farewells curbside in order to support physical distancing indoors;
  • Adjust cleaning and disinfecting procedures to high frequency touched/used surfaces, such as handles, rails, seats, counters, etc.; 
  • Install glass sneeze guards at all public interaction points, including at the airport security office, airline counters, car rental station, and restaurant point of sale counter to protect both employees and customers alike;
  • Provide touchless and accessible foaming hand sanitizer stations at all airside and groundside public entrances for everyone to use;
  • Provide touchless entrances/exits throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to never need to touch a surface throughout their visit;
  • Provide touchless option to pay for parking in any parking lot using your own mobile phone and the 'Flowbird' application; and,
  • Provide additional stanchions to provide directional separation of passengers at various points in their check-in, baggage drop-off, screening, and boarding process.

Air Canada Measures

For information on Air Canada's flight safety please visit Air Canada.

Bearskin Airlines Measures

  • Require all travelers wear a mask or face covering while checking-in, boarding, flying, and disembarking;
  • Require all travelers to complete a health questionnaire at check-in, and,
  • Require all employees and crew wear a mask throughout the duration of the flight.

For additional information regarding measures for in flight safety visit Bearskin Airlines.

CATSA Measures

  • Require all travelers to wear a mask or face covering while going through security screening;
  • Require all employees to use a mask, face covering, and disposable gloves while conducting passenger screening; and,
  • Communicate up to date safety protocols to all passengers while waiting in line for screening.

For additional information regarding measures taken for passenger screening visit CATSA.

Enterprise / National Car Rental

  • Adopted the 'Complete Clean Pledge' for all rented vehicles available to passengers 

For additional information regarding measures taken for passengers requiring a vehicle rental visit Enterprise or National.

Additional Collective Measures

  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m / 6ft where possible; and,
  • Promoting personal hygiene, and health self evalutions prior to traveling.
Sneeze Guards at Airline Counters.
2 meter Physical Distance Signage.
Directional queues.
Signage to show what seats are cleaned.
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stations
Automatic Doors and Safety Directions
Reminder to wear a face covering at passenger screening.
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What You Can Do

Whether travelling to or from North Bay, or working at the airport daily, the following are actions you can do to assist all of us in promoting a safe, secure, and efficient travel and working environment.

  • Self evaluate for any new conditions before arriving at the airport
  • Adhere to developing public guidance and directions;
  • Wear a mask or face covering, as required by the Health Unit when indoors and by Transport Canada when on a flight;
  • Thoroughly wash hands regularly;
  • Maintain physical distancing while indoors or while being picked-up or dropped-off curbside; and,
  • Be courteous to visitors and staff throughout your travels, remembering we are all supporting each other.