Operations of Drones/UAVs

The operations of all drones/UAVs around airports is regulated by Transport Canada.

Visit Transport Canada Drone Safety for more information, including how to operate safely and legally.

Operating in North Bay and Area

Using a drone/UAV within 3km of the North Bay Jack Garland Airport, or other aerodromes and helipads, is strictly prohibited for any purpose unless permission is granted by Transport Canada. The use of drones/UAVs within the 13km radius Controlled Zone around the airport requires authorization by Nav Canada. To learn more visit Nav Canada - RPAS.

The Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) require unmanned air vehicle (UAV) operators to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) for each occurance so Transport Canada can ensure operators use their UAV reliably and safely.

Each SFOC contains conditions for where and how to fly.

These include, as a minimum requirement:

  • maximum altitudes
  • minimum distances from people and property
  • location of operations
  • type and description of drone/UAV
  • coordination requirements with air traffic services
  • notification of North Bay Jack Garland Airport
  • safety and risk concerns

For more information visit Transport Canada Drone Safety.

All SFOC applications, assessments/reviews, and approvals are conducted by Transport Canada.

National Research Council of Canada UAV Site Selection Tool.